Sometimes, it really can be a simple thing that makes something better. In the case of this gorgeous home, it's the use of stained glass. Oh, and the roof.

There is no shortage of any kind in this 6,200 square foot home. It;'s situated on a beautiful wooded lot that overlooks Lake Michigan.

What Makes this Mediterranean-style Home Pop?

That question has a few answers when it domes to this Bayside, Wisconsin home located at 1500 E. Fairy Chasm Road.

This is where my mind got off track a little. What does 'Fairy Chasm' mean? A chasm means two things:

  • a deep fissure (crack, opening, break) in the earth, rock, or another surface.


  • a profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc.

Is there a big crack in the earth between Bayside and downtown Milwaukee just 12 miles south? Do the fairies only live north of the crack? The other definition of fissure absolutely applies to Bayside and Milwaukee; there is a profound difference in the average home price.

$2 Million Wisconsin Lakefront Mansion with Dazzling Stained Glass

Built in 1912, the Mediterranean-style home has countless unique architectural details, including multiple stained glass windows. I couldn't wait to see how they looked and what kind of light they cast inside the house.

Another great characteristic of that Mediterranean style is Spanish tile and terra cotta floors.

One of the other incredible features of this home is glass-walled conservatory with gorgeous views of the yard.

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Huge Wisconsin Dream Home with Outdoor and Indoor Pools for Sale

There isn't one detail about this $3.5 million home that isn't breathtaking. Wait until you see the master suite, the unbelievable walk-in closet, the kitchen and theater.

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