Jaxson is going to be the coolest kid on the block.

Last night when I was sitting at home with my husband we were talking about baby names for our future children.

bbevren, ThinkStock
bbevren, ThinkStock


But, my husband and I definitely want to have children in the near future and were exploring possibilities. He likes names like Ragnon, McLovinIt and other names our future kids would get made fun of for having. He's special I tell ya.

I found a list at mooseroots.com where they listed the 15 top trending names of today. They write on their site how they determined the ranking of these names:

Specifically, we graphed each name’s U.S. rank over time and calculated the slope of the line between 2003 and 2013.

Surprisingly, I actually know babies with most of these names! I'll have to run the list past my sweetie.

15. Easton

14. Jaxson

13. Lincoln

12. Violet

11. Aubree

10. Aria

9. Penelope

8. London

7. Scarlett

6. Jase

5. Khloe

4. Harper

3. Mila

2. Bentley

1. Paisley

Did your name make the list?


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