I've done a handful of stories about cars being pulled over, trucks, suitcases, and duffle bags filled with weed. This one is by far my favorite. Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm looking at you! NBCCHICAGO

Kristopher Grunert
Kristopher Grunert

This was a bust that will go down in Chicago area/Illinois history. Eleven tons, packed into six railroad cars, arriving in Chicago from Mexico. Can you imagine the smell of this train passing through towns?

Train of Terror

Chicago Heights was the final destination for this choo-choo full of smoke-smoke.

Carlos Osvaldo Quintero

Miguel Dominguez

Martin Quintero

Felipe de Jesus Magana-Campo

Eduardo Angel Zalayaran-Ruiz

Javier Vera

Christian Gonzalez

Miguel Cordova


All of these fellas will be in the caboose , or I mean jail...Whatever, for being involved in this massive pot movement.

Customs and Border Patrol knew of this massive shipment heading to Chicago, while it was in Texas...But the "Train Kept a Rollin'" all the way to Illinois.

The train arrived in Chicago Heights and forklifts moved the sticky icky into warehouses. Because authorities knew what was going on, they kept a close eye with cameras and some fly overs.

So cops let them do the heavy lifting...and then busted them. Get the 11 tons out of the train cars and loaded into warehouses and BOOM goes the dynamite. This was a lot of heavy lifting. The huge pot bundles were put on flatbed trailers and driven about 50 yards to a smaller storage facility and packed tightly for storage...Until the cops swooped in.


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