I bet you didn't know this, because a lot of us are way too busy focusing on the things that make us different from one another: skin color, race, gender, what political party we belong to, who we voted for, you name it; but all of us who live in Rockford have a lot in common.

If we could just focus on the things that bring us together as a community and make us Rockfordians, then maybe we'd all be just a little bit happier.

If you have done, felt or said any of the below, then you'll have at least one thing in common with someone else who calls Rockford home. Bond over that one thing and forget about all the rest.

Here are 11 things that people from Rockford have in common:


1. They love Rockford pizza.

2. We're winter warriors.

3. A lot of Rockfordians wish they could move.

4. We lie about where we're from. Them: Where you from? Us: Chicago

5. We wish it was summer year round.

6. Rockfordians love Beef-a-Roo.

7. Who hasn't blown a tire from a pothole..or two?

7. Has had a near collision on the Auburn roundabout. Yes, I know that's not Auburn.

8. Almost everyone from Rockford has had a gyro from Uncle Nick's at 2 a.m.

9. If you grew up here, you probably really miss the On the Waterfront Festival.

10. You've seen at least one show at the BMO but you still call it the Metro Center.

11. We say "ope" whenever we bump into someone or something. This video explains.

Was there anything I missed? What else do people from Rockford have in common? Let's keep it positive, OK?

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