I read OnlyInYourState.com's list of ways to be the worst Illinoisian ever and it inspired me to come up with a list of way to be a terrible Rockford resident. And, if any of these relate to you, you might be a bad Rockfordian. If anything, we all know someone that is guilty of at least one of these scenarios.

1. Staying home because it's "too cold" or "too hot" outside.

Thinkstock/Michele Princigalli

The weather is what it is and, if you've lived in Rockford long enough, you should know how to prepare for the crazy weather.

2. "Hating" Cheap Trick.

Getty Images for John Varvatos

No one is asking you to listen to Cheap Trick every day but, really, there's no real reason to "hate" them.

3. Wearing earplugs at Rockford Speedway.

Facebook via Rockford Speedway

Sure, little children might need earplugs at Rockford's historic quarter-mile racetrack but if you can't take the noise you might want to just skip on sitting in the grandstands.

4. Only eating at chain restaurants.

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With all due respect, there are MANY great locally-owned dining options in Rockford and the surrounding area.

5. "I haven't been downtown in years."

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

Why? It's not like driving from a Chicago suburb into downtown Chicago. There is no valid excuse for avoiding downtown Rockford.

6. Speaking of Chicago... saying you're going to Chicago when you're actually going to Schaumburg is incorrect.

Google Maps

It's not Chicago.

7. Leaving your headlights on at Festival of Lights.


Your indicator lights are just fine - don't make it hard for the rest of us to enjoy the light show.

8. Never tried Mrs. Fisher's (or Ole' Salty's).

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media

What!? You probably don't enjoy Beef-a-Roo either, right?

9. Claiming there's nothing to do in Rockford.

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

That's a ridiculous statement. There is always something going on in Rockford, you just have to leave your couch.

10. Saying Rockford radio sucks.


You clicked on the link, so radio must still be on your radar. #micdrop

11. Going on vacation and telling people you're from Chicago.

Getty Images

Rockford isn't Chicago, not even close. In fact, it's an hour and a half away on a good day. Technically speaking it's almost 90 miles away. Rockford is on the Wisconsin border... it's easy to explain.

Should there be more on this list? Share your idea in a comment.

[H/T OnlyInYourState.com]

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