You have a crisp $100 bill to spend on your significant other for Rockford, what do you do?

Valentine's Day Couple

First off, $100 for Valentine's Day is that too much or too low? Anyway let's see what we an do locally for $100. I asked around the building for some ideas within our budget, and some of the responses I can't post. Double T I'm looking squarely at you mister.

We did the math and here it is., $100 Valentine's Day in Rockford What do you do:

  • Chocolat by Daniel - Can't go wrong with Truffles
  • Gas Station Flowers - Pick a stop
  • Charm Bracelet - Cheap, customize.
  • Motel 6 - According to the neon sign , rates change hourly.

Now there are other amazing ideas but keeping it under the $100 we figured this was the best grouping. For some reason Tina Fox kept going back to pizza. Oh course she did.

Nothing says I love you like this list, if you have better ideas please let us know!



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