The whole family decided to come to Rockford this year for Thanksgiving, so here are ten simple things to get your house ready for company.

I'll do just about anything to get out of hosting Thanksgiving at my place. It just takes so much time preparing for guests. If family and friends are making the trip to Rockford, it's not for a quick meal in and out. They are going to be spending the day with you to make it worth the drive.

If you're going to be inviting a bunch of people into to your home for a holiday, you better make sure you're ready for it.


Here's 10 DIY Projects To Get Your House Ready For Thanksgiving.

1. Clean The Refridgerator - You're going to need lots of room for food and beverages. Anything that is old or not wanted currently in your fridge should be tossed.

2. Clear The Clutter - There are going to be several extra people in your home and you're going to need all the room as possible. If something isn't needed get rid of it or put it away.

3. Fix The Toliet - That's something you don't want to have trouble with when company is coming over. Next thing you know people are going to have to carpool to the gas station down the block.

4. Repair The Leaky Faucet - With lots of use, a small drip can escalate to a big one quickly.

5. Clean The Blinds And Wash The Curtains - You will make a bad impression with a dirty home.

6. Clean The Oven - It will gross your guests out if they are eating food cooked in a dirty oven.

7. Ready The Guest Room - The room might normally be used for storage, but if it's got a bed then it instantly becomes a guest room. After a long busy holiday, you don't want to be struggling to make someone comfy for the night.

8. Check The Dining Room Chairs - It's alright to have a special table for the kids, but if grandma has to sit on a stool because you don't have enough dining rooms chairs she is not going to be happy.

9. Is The Fireplace Ready - A fireplace is a nice added touch, so people are going to ask to use it. If you can't light it, you're going to look like an amateur.

10. Stock The Bathroom - Make sure your bathroom is guest ready with extra toilet paper, towels, soap, and a plunger. Otherwise, it could become an embarrassing situation for somebody.

Hopefully, that short checklist will help you.

Is there anything else to add?

Good luck hosting Thanksgiving.

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