I'm pretty simple when it comes to candy. Give me Twizzlers, give me some dark chocolate, I'm good. But there are some great vintage candies that belong in the Sweet Tooth Hall of Fame.


I can remember as a kid going to a store called Grants. It was a block away from my house, and they had the greatest candy selection. A dime for this, a nickel for that...Take a dollar to Grants and that was a weeks worth of candy or a horrible stomach ache later that day. According to answer.com here are 10 Vintage Candies That You Should Never Forget. I'll have to admit that there are candies on this list I've never heard of, but wouldn't mind trying! Here are some of the classics on the list that I remember and enjoyed:

  • Pez
  • Necco
  • Bazooka
  • 5th Avenue


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