What's in a name, a town name? Is there rich historical value behind a town named "Boody?" With a population just over 200, I'm saying no.

If you are looking for some great places in state to visit, I have ten of them I'd like to recommend.

Here are 10 "Single Word" Illinois towns that will make you do a "Double Take" on just the name. Seriously, who comes up with these names? QCTimes

  • Birds - You live in "Birds," that is weird to say
  • Normal - I know people there, they are far from that
  • Oblong - So descriptive 
  • Muddy - Dirty people?
  • Sandwich - I've been there, now I'm hungry
  • Ransom - So the towns economy...
  • Wyoming - Wrong turn, dude.
  • Golf - Police Department, Post Office, Train Station...don't blink
  • Boody - The best name for sure
  • Hometown - Is that like calling your dog "Stay?"

There are plenty more, and "Bone Gap" (two words) absolutely my favorite Illinois town name.

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