Hopefully your Mothers Day was fantastic. Now, back to reality and save the last piece of pie for mom!

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They raise us, break their backs for us, go out of their way to make us happy. But what was/is mom really feeling.

All the times your mom bent over backwards for you, did you say thank you? All the times that mom tried to be perfect for you, deep down she knows she's not.

Yesterday was a day to celebrate mom and now lets push aside the flowers, the brunches and the grand kid visits to get to the heart of things with your mom.

According to Huffington Post here are 10 Things your Mom Never Told you:

  • You made her cry... a lot - Child birth, first fall, first date, first job.
  • She wanted that last piece of pie - Mom would always let you have the last of everything. You don't think after working all day she didn't want the last treat?
  • It hurt - Biting, scratching, hair pulling, smacking as a child. Yes, that hurt mom but she took it in stride.
  • She was always afraid - The "Mama Bear" mode is always happening. Protective, being tough but with a hint of fear no matter where you went or what you did.
  • She knows she’s not perfect - Mom always tried to do right by us. Be that Super Hero 24/7. But she is human, and always had those moments to exhale and think about what could have been done better.
  • She watched you as you slept - Those restless nights as a child she was there, even in the teen years she would watch at random times just to know you were home safe.
  • She carried you a lot longer than nine months - Once you joined this world you were carried by mom. I know adults now that still need their mom to carry them. It's a full time job.
  • It broke her heart every time you cried - You lose a tooth, skin a knee, get hurt by a boyfriend/girlfriend. You cry, mom cries. You may not see it, but she does.
  • She put you first - In every situation, you are first. Doesn't matter how tired or weak mom may be in a situation she would put you first and do it over and over.
  • She would do it all again - The wide range of emotion, the physical, the exhaustion of raising you...mom would do it all over again.