Resurrection Mary might just ask you, for a ride.

Sasha, Getty Images


The story of "Resurrection Mary" in Justice, Illinois will have you seriously contemplation a road trip this October.

The legend says back in the 1930's, Mary and her boyfriend attended a dance. The couple got into an argument and Mary left the "Oh Henry Ballroom" (now called the Willowbrook). She was walking up Archer Avenue and was hit by a car and killed. Her family buried her in Resurrection Cemetery. Fast forward to the 1970's when the cemetery started moving graves and soon after there were Mary sightings.

Over the years there have been numerous people claiming to see "Resurrection Mary." The most interesting including a cab driver that gave her a ride to a bar, then thought he was being stiffed on his cab fare and went looking for her in the tavern. There was no Mary, and no one inside Chet's Melody Lounge witnessed Mary or anyone walk in.