What's going on?

Bear on Trampoline (Video)
We encounter some great wildlife around here. What if there was a Black Bear playing on your kids' trampoline?
KISS Hand Farts
I wonder if Gene Simmons will sue this talented man.
Does Danial Petrie Rock?
Founder and creator of The Fatherhood Encouragement Project in Rockford is an amazing guy, but does Danial rock? Check this video out!
How to Live a Long Life
112 year old Masazo Nonaka says he has made it this far by eating sweets and telling people off.
Casino Fail
A 21-year old woman calls 911 for a ride when she blows all of her money at the casino.
Is This Fair?
Stevie Romer was born a man and will run the Boston Marathon, as a woman.
Eagle Welcomes Alice
The "Architect of Shock Rock" Alice Cooper is coming to the Coronado PAC this fall!
The Cheap Trick Round
The Rockford Classic Rock Concert Bracket Challenge moves into the Cheap Trick round!
Easter Beer Hunt
This family has it figured out. Easter will never be the same.