What's going on?

Vehicle Theft? (Video)
Here are some helpful hints from the Rockford Police Department, about possible vehicle theft.
Dang, Matt!
Former Rockford TV fella Matt Rodewald is in Arizona calling out a state rep for thinking he's above the law.
Officer Cox Cleared of Wrongdoing
A press conference was held today, clearing Rockford Police Officer of wrongdoing stemming from the November 5th death of Eddie Patterson.
Plane Full of Pot
An aircraft was found with 200lbs of weed in it. Now, Monmouth, IL Police are auctioning it off.
Self-Love at Work?
Here is the grossest story of the day, to make you look at co-workers differently.
Sweet Quiet Riot Trivia (Video)
Tickets for Rock The Dock 3/Captain Jack Birthday Bash with Quiet Riot are on sale now. Let's test your Quiet Riot knowledge.