Nothing like getting some quality exercise and enjoying a delicious pint.


We all know that Illinois has amazing hiking trails and parks. What "hoppins" when you combine that with great beer?

The Chicago Tribune put together a list of The Best Hiking Trail and Brewery Pairs in Illinois.

The best part about this list is that Rockford made it twice. According to this list, Rockford is a pretty awesome place to drink and hike. Here are the Rockford spots and a few others close by:

Rock Cut State Park and Pig Minds Brewing - Beer to try Happidaze

Atwood Park and Granite City Food and Brewery - Beer to try Cherry Bomb

Merwin Nature Preserve Trail and DESTIHL Microbrewery - Beer to try Amra Mango IPA

Starved Rock and Tangled Roots Brewing Company - Beer to try Kit Kupfer