The Green Bay Wisconsin school system appears to have more holes than Swiss Cheese.


Green Bay Wisconsin has a population 104,891. Rockford is right around 149,000. Now that I've established that, check this out.

According to BoingBoing police were called to Washington Middle School in Green Bay Wisconsin, 164 times during this last school year. Not the high school, the middle school.

I came across this video of a middle school teacher by the name of Kerstin Westcott. Kerstin is speaking in front of the school board in tears as she quits her passion, quits her dream job.

The emotion is Kerstin's voice, describing what happens almost daily at her middle school will blow you away. A lot like plenty of Rockford teachers, Kerstin just wants to provide the best education possible for our children.

The scary part of this video, the lack of response and emotion by the school board listening to her.


Lieutenant Jeffrey Brester, who's job it is the oversee the police presence at Green Bay area schools said this:
“It’s not a police issue. It’s not a school issue. It’s almost a community issue, we need support from parents. We need parents to hold children accountable.”
Sound familiar Rockford? Does that sound like the words out of the mouths of our educators and local law enforcement?