I watched a K-9 demonstration on Saturday, boy does Sully like to "play".

Photo - Captain Jack

I attended the Heroes for Heroes - Annual Greg Lindmark Foundation Benefit on Saturday. One of the many demonstrations on Saturday was a Rockford Police Department K-9 demonstrations with Officer Geiken and Sully, the K-9.

Officer Geiken spoke about his dog Sully, and his passion for what he does. Sully loves to "play", and by play I mean take down the bad guys.

First off the physical strength and the power of Sully's bite is incredible. If you are a bad guy doing bad things and Sully is on the scene, may I suggest putting your hands in the air.

Here are Five Things I Learned About Sully The Rockford K-9

  • He get rewarded for a job well done with a $3 toy from Pet Smart
  • Sully has the ability to smell narcotics on a cotton ball that has been sitting next to drugs, and he can smell that cotton ball through metal
  • He is extremely loyal to Officer Geiken and watched all of us during the demonstration
  • Getting the bad guy is fun to Sully, it is a game
  • A majority of bad guys when alerted that Sully is present, will give up

Much respect to Jordan, the officer wearing the protective suit in the photo. After the demonstration he looked like he just got done running a marathon.