While you are out celebrating St. Patrick's Day, try to stay out of trouble and not get arrested.

When you are out celebrating St Patrick's Day, it's easy to get caught up in the moment. One minute you're having a good time and the next minute you're being thrown in the back of a police car.

You don't want to end up spending the weekend in the Winnebago County Jail. All your friends and family will see your picture on Rockford Mugshots. What will the neighbor think if they saw your name on Rockford Scanner? Plus, I don't think your boss would appreciate Whitney Martin doing a story about your drunken stupidity on the news

Chicago had their big St Patrick's Day celebration last weekend. Of course, many people got out of control with several getting arrested or hurt.

According to the police blotter on CWBChicago.com, here are some of the dumb things people did after partying to hard.

"1:45PM — The 19th police district runs out of available police officers to handle 911 calls outside of the Wrigleyville bar strip. Calls for service stack up in a backlog that will not be cleared for seven hours. The 19th district stretches from Fullerton to Lawrence and from the Chicago River to Lake Michigan."

"1:48PM — A 911 call taker reports that she has a female on phone moaning and saying she’s in Chicago, and giving the numbers to an address. It sounds like she’s in pain. She did flush the toilet a couple of times.”

"4:27PM — Group of male whites throwing beer from the roof.”

"4:53PM — Ernest says his wife locked him out of his room. They’ve been drinking. He’ll be waiting in their garage.”

"5:13PM — 1100 block of West Eddy: The garbage cans and Porta-Potties have all been knocked over. I don’t know what they want you to do about it. Great.”

"6:20PM — Sergeant requests a paddy wagon to Clark and Eddy. But *not* to transport an arrestee. We need ‘em to take a city sign into the station so these people don’t use it as a projectile.”

"11:05PM — Canine unit requests assistance for a man who’s “creating a disturbance” at the Belmont Red Line station. 11:10PM — Officer at Belmont Red Line station: Can you send an ambulance? The guy causing this 'disturbance' can’t walk.”

"11:47PM — Speaking of intoxicated and confused: Noise disturbance on Racine. Bunch of males playing a football game in the alley. They’re knocking over garbage cans, saying they’re getting ready for the Bears game.”

"12:18AM — Caller says an unknown male who looks like a leprechaun is ringing their doorbell violently.”

"4:54AM — Miss Eubanks wants police assistance. She says they were bar hopping and they can’t find her friend who’s intoxicated. She’s been circling the area for an hour and can’t find her. The friend was wearing an army green tank top with ‘University of Miami’ on it and ripped up jeans. 5:05AM — Miss Eubanks found her friend."

Don't let this be you. Have fun, but be safe.


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