You may be a "manly man" but if you don't shovel correctly you could be down for the count.

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How many times have you heard a buddy say, "man I blew my back out shoveling to driveway". It happens, so let's make sure we are doing things safely.

  • Stretch your muscles to prevent injury - May sound silly, but if your muscles are ready you'll prevent injury.
  • Dress in layers to stay warm - I'll get this done quick, so I'll  just throw on a light jacket...think again.
  • Vow to take breaks - Unless you are a fine tuned athlete, resting is key.
  • Wax your shovel blade - The idea behind waxing your shovel blade is to make it slippery, it won't stick and snow will slide right off.
  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs - Lower back, hamstrings, even shoulder muscles can be protected with this.
  • As you lift the snow, keep the shovel blade close to you - This will reduce muscle strains and pulls.
  • Switch off between snow shoveling right-handed and left-handed, so that you're working different muscles.