My Drivers Ed teacher Mr. Ludaking would sit on his desk and point, "it's not you I'm worried about it's everyone else".

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

I have a driving teenager and the other folks on the road scare the hell out of me. Defensive driving is the name of the game, especially at certain spots in Rockford.

I do this same thing I'm about to mention. There are certain places you drive all the time. So when you drive there, you almost feel like "I can do whatever I want" because you've been there before. Think about the intersection by your house that you drive every day. How many times have you done a rolling stop of not stop at all because well, you know that area so well.

That I think is part of the problem with these intersections. People get comfortable and go through the motions. So i asked Double T and Tina what they thought were the most dangerous:

  • State and Alpine
  • North Main Roundabout
  • Latham and 2
  • Perryville and State